ViM syntax highlighting for COOL

COOL (Classroom Object Oriented Language) is a language created to develop a compiler in a one semester course. Before to implement the compiler, I need to study the language, so, since “learning to code = coding”, colored syntax is a good friend.

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FreeBSD Adventure 3

First port committed! …And added to the ContributorsGroup! :-)

I merged trigger-data with trigger-rally and updated from 0.6.1 to 0.6.5, and

I am been added to the FreeBSD ContributorGroup for the project: Solaris Doors Implementation.

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FreeBSD Adventure 2

My first port has been created: averia fonts (port.shar), it has been submitted with the bug submission form; now it should wait to be included in FreeBSD.

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OpenBSD audio subsystem graph

I wanted to know the audio subsystem in OpenBSD (more specifically all the components beetween user applications and hardware), then I created an ASCII graph to describe it.

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GNU Make vs BSD Make

Recently I ported some project from Debian (GNU/Linux) to FreeBSD. I used GNU Make to compile under Debian, but in FreeBSD, I preferred to use its make.

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FreeBSD Adventure 1

Getting Started (a developer point view)

After my contributions in Debian, I decided to start ‘studying’ FreeBSD.

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Hello World!

puts 'Hello, world!'

… Traditional and mandatory “Hello World”.