MixerTUI 0.1 is out!

MixerTUI is an audio mixer with a Terminal User Interface built on the FreeBSD sound system wiki.freebsd.org/Sound. It can show the current Sound Driver configuration and select an audio device: to get its information, change the volume or to set as default, the last feature allows to switch easily audio from/to laptop and hdmi, headphones and speakers, etc.

mixertui 0.1 screenshot

To install the port audio/mixertui:

# cd /usr/ports/audio/mixertui/ && make install clean

To add the package:

# pkg install mixertui

To build from the repository:

% git clone https://gitlab.com/alfix/mixertui.git
% cd mixertui
% make
% ./mixertui

Options and features:

     mixertui [-c]

     The mixertui utility is an audio mixer with a Terminal User Interface.

     The following option is available:

     -c      Disable color.

     The following user interface features are available:

     Esc Q q

     F1 H h  Open Help window.

     F2      Show Sound Driver information.

     F3      Playback View: show playback controls.

     F4      Capture View: show capture controls.

     F5      All View: show all controls.

     F6      Select audio device.

     F7      Show audio device information.

     F8      Set current device as default.

     R r     Refresh screen.

             Previous control.

             Next control.

             Increment/Decrement volume.

     +/-     Increment/Decrement volume.

             Increment/Decrement volume in a big step.

     End     Set volume to 0%.

     0-9     Set volume to 0%-90%.

     a/s/d   Increment left/both/right volume.

     z/x/c   Decrement left/both/right volume.

     B b     Balance left and right volume.

     M m     Toggle mute.

     </>     Toggle left/right mute.