FreeBSD ContributorGroup

My ports:,

Current project: Solaris Doors IPC Implementation.
Doors provide a mechanism for processes to issue remote procedure calls to functions in other processes running on the same system. The project consists in completely new, but compatible, implementation for FreeBSD;

Debian Contributor,
built, maintained, co-maintained and adopted .deb packages.
co-maintained package,
package’ s sponsorship


University of Salerno Sensor Actuator, The purpose of UniSaSA is to use high-level languages to interact quickly, easily and in distributed way with sensors and actuators. A developer could use ‘UniSaSA’ for:

  • Augmented reality
  • Ambient intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Internet of Things

The project provides:

  • A portable C library for embedded systems
  • A Gateway/Router between WSN and TCP/IP networks
  • A high-level API: currently in C#, C++ and Python to communicate with the gateway
  • A web server to interact with sensors and actuators from a browser

Danger U-boot
It is a 3D game, written in C++, using vim, g++, gdb, cmake, OGRE and OpenGL.

Cryptographic RFID protocols (RFID Wikipedia).
Secure authentication protocols for RFID technology

  • HB,
  • HB parallel version
  • HB+
  • HB+ parallel version
  • random HB#
  • Gossamer protocol.

Written in C, using gcc, vim, gdb, linux fork() and POSIX IPC.

Numerical Analysis project:

  1. Write a function to implement the power method for calculating the maximum modulus eigenvalue of a matrix.
  2. Write a function that implements the QR method with translation of origin (shift) for the calculation of the eigenvalues of a matrix.

Software: GNU Octave, MATLAB language.

Parallel QuickSort:

implementation of parallel version of QuickSort algorithm with requirement that at any time the processors load is always perfectly balanced.
Software: C, gcc, OpenMPI and OpenMP. Hardware: 3 PCs connected by an Ethernet/Wifi network with a sum of 8 cores.

Holiday Heaven:
Hotel management distributed software intended for owners, customers and a system administrator, for Software Engineering course. Java, Eclipse, Model-Control-View architecture, MySQL, JDBC, JUnit, java RMI and javax.swing.

Cool Compiler

Implementation in Java of a compiler: lexical, syntactic and semantic analyzer for cool language.


Android App, it is inside Google Play.
Local news, social and ipcam streaming.

In Italian:

Web sites:

jekyll, joomla, drupal, html, css, php, javascript and markdown.

Alfix Media

Tool for Italian students written in Java.

Exports of Italian regions:

Analysis of data of ISTAT (Istatituto Nazionale di Statistica) about the exports from Italy.
Software: R (programming language) and CRAN.