Getting Started (a developer point view)

After my contributions in Debian, I decided to start ‘studying’ FreeBSD.
Now, I am in ‘starting point’ stage:

  • Install FreeBSD 12.0 Current version (obvious :D)
  • Download/build/update kernel source and sytem core (tutorial by bsdnow)
  • get a view in /usr/src/sys (you could use too), kernel .h are in /usr/src/sys/sys and .c in /usr/src/kern

I suggest to read Designing BSD Rootkits, after chapter 1 I/you can write: kernel modules, syscalls and device driver, I had to update my kernel (see bsdnow tutorial linked before).

Next step is: starting to contribute, I am interested in:

  • Ports Contrib: create new ports and get unmantained ports (adopt orphaned packages in Debian language :-) )
  • Writing some helpful software, see in FreeBSD Ideas

…It’s all, stay tuned…